Fengshui for Home/Office/Apartment
The Chinese astrology unlike Western/Hindu/Egyptian is represented by 12 animals which are equivalent to 12 Zodiac signs. All Sun signs have duration of 1 month totalling to 12 months for 12 signs. But in Chinese astrology there are 12 lunar signs named after animals, but unlike other astrology’s, they have duration of 1 year each. These 12 signs follow a fixed course and are repeated after 12 years in the same order. The sign and (animal) equivalent to it are as follows:

- Aries (Rat), Taurus (Ox), Gemini (Tiger), Cancer (Cat), Leo (Dragon), Virgo (Snake), Libra (Horse), Scorpio (Sheep), Sagittarius (Monkey), Capricorn (Rooster), Aquarius (Dog), Pisces (Boar).

An important aspect of Fengshui is to use a native date of birth and ruling year element to determine the suitability for positioning of doors and orientation for keeping other items. The birth year element indicates the auspicious elements for a native.

According to Chinese saying, 4000 years ago Wu of Hsia, the first of five mythical emperors of China was trying to solve the problem of flooding in Yellow river which is called Huang Ho also. During this problem solving he discovered a tortoise shell which had perfect 3X3 magic square and every horizontal, vertical and diagonal row added up to fifteen. This was named as the “Loshu Grid”. With this Wu solved the flooding problem and was crowned with glory. Later from this Loshu Grid evolved the ‘I Ching’ which is also called the ‘Book of Changes or Wisdom’. This book of philosophical wisdom influenced two important religions of China ‘Confucianism and Taoism’ and dwelled upon the fortune telling aspects. The other sciences that evolved from Loshu Grid were Fengshui, Trigram therapy, Chinese astrology and numerology. Thus, Loshu Grid lays down that each number from 1 to 9 represents a particular direction, element, relation significance and denotes the different life aspirations of a native.

It is spelt out as:

4 9 2
3 5 7
8 1 6

The sum total of three numbers in any direction i.e, horizontally, vertically and diagonally works out to 15. This 15 number also refers to the number of days taken by Moon from reaching full bright Moon from New Moon.

In ancient China, predictions were made by burning cow shoulder blade and cracks appeared on it. In another method the shell of the tortoise was broken and on this sacred tortoise back eight trigrams appeared. This discovery of these eight trigrams led to the creation of sixty four hexagrams which are read from bottom to top.

‘I-Ching’ dealt with two primary energies and the ancient seers propounded the theory of ‘Yin’ and ‘Yang’. These two are equated to Hindu tantric symbols of ‘Shakti’ and ‘Shiva’ respectively. When Yang and Yin interact between themselves, four combinations are produced.
They are:
- Yang (-------) and Yang (------) = ------- ------- - Yin (--- ---) and Yang (-------) = --- --- ------- - Yang (-------) and Yin (--- ---) = ------- --- --- - Yin (--- ---) and Yin (--- ---) = --- --- --- ---

With the process of such interaction continuing creates eight possible combinations or eight primary symbols (Gua). In Chinese language eight is denoted as ‘Ba’ and ‘Gua’ meaning hanging up, therefore ‘Ba-Gua’. In short, two primary energies Yin and Yang generate four primary symbols and these four produces eight Gua.

Fengshui important technique of Trigrams is based on Yin and Yang alongwith five elements. King Wen thought of eight basic symbols and propounded the best thing for the mankind. The eight-sided Pa Kua represents eight major directions of the compass with South direction remaining always on the top. It helps in correct interpretation and relationships of the other symbols of Fengshui i.e, numbers from 1 to 9, five elements i.e, fire, water, wood, metal and earth, the members of the family i.e, father, mother, sons and daughters and the four celestial animals i.e, Tortoise, Dragon, Tiger and Phoenix.

Based on above principles, Fengshui for Home/Office/Apartment is done. To achieve success and prosperity home directions should be based on Head of the family horoscope (birth year). Some people take birth time also.