Domestic Vastu
Right positioning of the rooms in a home is of paramount importance based on Vastu principles. The following guidelines should be followed for proper location of various rooms.
  1. Puja Room should be placed in North-East direction. For a small house where it is not feasible to make a separate room, a small temple can be made in the North-East corner of the Kitchen or Children room. The statues or pictures of the deities should be placed in North or East direction on a solid raised platform with pyramid shaped roofs and they should not face each other. Do not place ancestors’ pictures here and keep this room free of clutter.

  2. Drawing Room should be located in the North-East, North and East direction of a home. In small houses this can be located in ‘Brahmsthan’ also but avoid placing heavy furniture here. Furniture arrangement should be such that there is a free movement without any hindrance with placement of heavy furniture in the South, West or South-West corner and they should not be placed under the beam which gives stress and create discord among family members. There should be a family picture placed here for togetherness feeling.

  3. Kitchen best location is South-East but it can also be located in South of South-East, East of South-East, North of North-West or East. If the kitchen is other than South-East, then placement of cooking equipment should be in this direction and housewife should face East while cooking. The windows should be placed in the North and East for sunlight. The sink and drinking water containers should be kept on the North-East or East side. Housewife should not have back towards the door and should be able to see anyone entering the kitchen.

  4. Toilets should be placed in the North-West direction. They should never be placed in the North-East, South-West and the Centre of the house and should not face main entrance of the main door of the house. Its placement in North-East causes dwindling finances, incurable disease and mental tension. No leaky taps and choked should be there as they cause drainage of wealth.

  5. Bedroom best location should be South-West for the decision maker of the house, North-East for elderly or children, North-West for marriageable daughter and couples planning to have a baby. South-East location of the bedroom gives sleeplessness, quarrels among the couple so newly married couples and pregnant ladies should never stay in this direction room.