Commercial Vastu
At Astroplus, services are given for Commercial places like :
  1. Vastu for Offices
  2. Vastu for Shops
  3. Vastu for Hospitals
  4. Vastu for Hotels
  5. Vastu for Industry
  6. Vastu for Clinic
  7. Vastu for Factory
  8. Vastu for Restaurants
  9. Vastu for School
  10. Vastu for Commercial complex

The below mentioned points are kept in mind while giving services because the Vastu principles doesn't just apply only to a home. Any Commercial place should also be in tune with the five elements or “Panchamahabhootas” i.e, air, fire, water, earth and space so that harmony is there:

- Square and rectangular plots are chosen, if plot is not in this shape then shape is rectified.

- Any inauspicious reductions and extensions are rectified.

- Main entrance gate is kept in the auspicious locations depending on the roads facing the plot.

- Any obstruction before the gate in form of electric pole, temple or tree is rectified with the help of gadgets.

- It is given due consideration that there is more open space in the North-East. And the slope of the land should be towards North or East. Water resources like underground water reservoir,    booster pump, boring etc. are placed in this sector.

- The major construction of the building should be in South/West side of the area.

- Lawns, open parking space can be arranged in the North, East or North-East of the plot.

- Big trees should be placed in South, West and South-West of the plot and the lawns with tender plants and bushes should be planted in the north or east side as these create positive    energy.

- The construction should not be at T-junctions and close to graveyards and temples. Taller buildings or flyovers should not overshadow it as they block the air flow.

- Overhead water tank of the construction should be towards the West.

- Generator room should be in the South-East of the plot.

- There should not be staircase in the central area of the block. Staircase should be provided on southwest and should always be clockwise while climbing up.

- Surroundings should be pleasing by placement of healthy plants and lawns.

- The staircase, lifts and corridors should be well lit and should not be gloomy. Staircase should be in South-West, South or West. If not possible in these directions then they can be in the    North-West or South-West but never place them in North-East, East and North. This principle is also applicable for Duplex constructions.

- It is seen that main entrance should not be in the South of South-West, West, and West of South-West, East of South-East or North of North-West.

- Underground parking should be in the East or North and not in the South or West.

- The reception should be placed in the North-West and the water cooler or dispenser should be placed in the North-East corner.

- Aquariums and fountains should be placed in the North-East or North direction.

- In case the construction is in L-shape then building should be towards South and West of the entire plot. If the building is in U-shape then, the construction should be done in such a way that   North and North-East and East are kept open.

- The toilet should be constructed in Northwest or Western corner and never in Northeast corner.

- Sale counters should be designed in such a way that sales people face either East or North and the customers face West or South. The sales staff should occupy the North-West direction.

- Staff Room should be in North-West corner and Administrative Office should be constructed in the South or South-West direction with the person seated facing the North. The conference    room should be in the centre.

- Kitchen is considered to be the most sensitive region for the restaurant/hotel business. It should be placed in the South-East direction if not possible then it can be placed in the North-West    and lot of red colour should be used.

- The blackboard in school best position is in the West with the entrance in the East side. The students must sit facing the North or East.